3 in 1 Campino Classic layout

The Classic day layout with the twin bed / bench set up. You choice to enter the Campino from the sliding door or rear opening tailgate or to load larger and bulky pats in between the beds for transport reasons..


The day layout with more:

The U shape lounge gives your extra storage space under the extra seat and easy access to the Porta Potti when stored in the back- so you gain more storage space. Also can be used to when sleeping in the single beds and using the extension across as bedside cupboard to leave books or reading glasses there during the night.

The sleeping arrangement and night layout  as a full width bed across the rear of the campervan.  Quickly to be made up and the back rest cushions sit neat and firm without any gaps when the bed is made up. The little shelf under the kitchen bench can be used to leave your Ebook and Ipad there

New 2018 Campino Quattro layout

The new mid 2018 released Campino Quattro offers a layout which suit all people who want to carry extra passengers and even thinking about travelling, living a sleeping in The Campino with 4 people. While the gas strut operated bed is a additional option, the easy lift and roomy Euro roof and the sophisticated European seat with integrated seat belts and head rest is standard in the Campino Quattro. It never has been so comfortable to travel in the rear of a campervan and its so easy to transform it into a super flat bed. The up to 2.35m high roof makes the Quattro feeling much larger and brighter inside and is easy to operate up and down with very little effort.