our story

It's now more than 12 years since we decided to leave Germany and the travel bug brought us to the other side of the world, into a beautiful country which is called Australia. We always liked traveling and back in Germany we mainly owned and worked on Fiat Ducato based motorhomes to travel many countries in Europe.
Once we arrived in Brisbane,  we wanted to discover the East Coast and our first RV in QLD was a old Nissan Pop Top camper which we rescued from the wreckers. We pulled it all apart and did a whole rebuild inside and outside. Despite the difficulties working in a steep driveway with only a handful of tools- we were very happy with the result and shortly after a neighbor came around, asking us if we would considering to sell this nice, neat camper.

That was the time that we decided that once we were permanent residents in Australia- we wanted to found our own campervan business.
Southern Spirit Campervans quickly turned into an insider tips for people who brought their own vehicles to us and asked us to converted them using their ideas.  At this time we also enjoyed implementing some of our nifty ideas and working to our high (German) standards.
So far we have developed over 55 unique layouts and we are very passionate about everything RV.
Around 2014 we came up with the idea to design a new, entry level campervan which had all the pro's of a custom built quality vehicle, but built in a limited series to make the van more affordable for keen travelers looking for a outstanding little camper.
We developed and redesigned and tried to get as many good, proven and practical ideas into one Hiace which would cater "everyone’s" needs. That was the time when the "Campino" was born as our answer to create the best possible "entry" level Hiace Camper in Australia.
It's up to you now to make the Campino a success and we already are thinking that a VW Campino might see the light of the day in 2017.

"Good is just good enough"

As a  master tradesman holding certificates for several different trade occupations- Oli is the multi talent running the workshop and still working every day on the vans together with his small team - mostly trades people  with European background and experience - to make sure that everything meets his high standards and what he believes is a quality product.

Very innovative he brings the ideas to life and develops the solutions that Pia has in her mind or new products she discovered to improve the conversion builds. In his free time, he enjoys the company of  best friend "Grisu" his Springer Spaniel or he restores old guitars from the 70ties and 80ties.

"Happy customers are a great result"

Not only the passion for RV's but also the knowledge base, researching new products and the willingness to go the extra mile for our customers: that's Pias department. She is most often the first point of contact and helps informing and  discussing with customers their ideas and enquiries.
Old school and honest customer service are her  trademarks.
Working for nearly 10 years for Australias biggest RV rental companies Apollo and Britz she gained a vast knowledge about all Australian RV related products and customer expectations and wishes when its coming to traveling on four wheels.
In her "free" time she is writing the 101 and Techtalks in the popular Imotorhome Magazine or an avid reader. The travel bug is still present and trips overseas are certainly planned - touring in a Motorhome.

Knauss 1994 Fiat motorhome
Our most beloved "Knaussi" motorhome- a 6 berth Fiat Ducato from 1994 who traveled with us all around and through Europe

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." - Leonardo da Vinci