Campino optional Extra's

Airlifter- for those who struggle to open and operating the pop top roof. The QLD fabricated Air lifters are great helpers and are operated with just a button press and the roof will lift up on its own.


12V fan located on roof ceiling, variable speed and timer. The fan can be turned, tilted and swiveled in near all directions for ideal use and best positioning of the air flow. Low voltage draw is  self-evident.


Solar roof vent- for better air flow and temperature regulation inside your Campino. Features air intake and venting air out- certainly with back up batteries so you can operate the vent during night time.


For those wanting the easy access and extra over head storage space- we offer the Campino also as a Hitop version. The Hitop roof is a extra option for additional $500

The LAGUN table leg upgrade is ideal for people who like getting the most out of the table indie. The Lagun leg can be adjusted and position in near all directions and is not only versatile,. also solid and will have no sharp operating parts.

Move your table top around and out of the way for $195

To maximize air flow in the living are- you can add on a third window in the pop top skirt's front. It also is ideal for people who do cook more inside and who love cross ventilation. The window is certainly screened with mossie proof mesh. $125

TV setup 2017 The new location for the 19.5" Sphere TV is now behind the driver seat, without disturbing the general use of the bench space. The TV bracket is height adjustable, as well can be swiveled and has a tilt function for better viewing. The TV set up also comes with a fold away antenna and a NEW collapsible free standing antenna stand. So easy to store away when not in use. $1.150

ECB Big Tube bar- one of the best after market  full bumper over design Bull Bars around in Australia. Adds safety and style to your Hiace. With powder coated low maintenance finish.


Compact. inexpensive and easy to operate hot water system with 5l boiler- running on 12V.  A "low voltage disconnect" devise will safe you from low discharge of your house battery- just in case you do forget to switch your HWS off. Sink tap and shower (where applicable) will be also upgraded to run hot water.

Ideal in conjunction with the upgrade to the 120W solar panel.


Tailgate LED lights are a great  feature as they give you a  better view at the rear when its dark. The lights can be adjusted into different ankles and the switch is handy located nearby. For Campino owners who considering opting for a tailgate tent as well- they are a absolute must have.


Tailgate tent Easy to set up lightweight tent (under 5kg) with two windows and a passenger side roll aside  zipped door entry.  The windows are also screened with mossie mesh to keep the bugs outside. Dual light and dark grey colour scheme- durable  Rip Stop material- extend you room to use as shower tent or extra privacy space. Coming in it's own storage bag. Set up time 15-20 minutes. $750

Internal storage net Our new developed overhead storage will take care of your bedding during day time. Doona & Pillows just tucked away under the ceiling the soft storage is a great add on to save space. $250

Innovative new ideas paired with quality craftsmen ship - to built the greatest Hiace Campervan in Australia.

Ideal use for single travellers or couples- travelling Australia.