Campino multi functional layout

The design of all our Campino campervans was planned to be as flexible as a production vehicle could be.  We used our experience and planned carefully to cater for different travellers’ needs and preferences, to make sure the Campino is everybody’s darling.

The day layout can be set up as a classic twin bench seat set up, but also is effortless to change into a U-shape lounge setup. This is done in seconds and can create extra storage space - ideal for all people not considering entering the van from the rear.

The space for the Porta Potti is ideal at the back, especially if travellers like to set up a rear tailgate tent and using this as toilet/ shower or exchange and storage room. The rear fly screen will ensure a mozzie free inside of the Campino when the tailgate is open.

The sleeping arrangement and night layout can be set up either as two single beds or as a full width bed across the rear of the campervan. The Porta Potti has a second storage place option in the front section of the left hand side bed and can be than used inside the campervan for travellers who do not wish to exit the camper during the night.


The L-shape kitchen has plenty of ample storage space and  4 various sized drawers, as well as plenti of shelf space. The benchtop gives maximum space in conjunction with the fold down lid  Dometic round sink.

The new released 2018 Campino Quattro

We had so many people in the last two years who have been impressed by our Campino Classic. A lot of customers asked for a Campino which can have extra seating for more than 2 people during this years as well....

We have taking this into consideration and after more then 12 months fine tuning and testing we have now our Campino Hiace Quattro to offer.

The ultimate 4 traveller and 4 sleeper Hiace van with lots of European charm and features such as a sophisticated Seat to bed solutions and a Euro style roof and of course all the important features the Campino Classic is offering.

The choice will be yours now!